Monday, June 24, 2013

Simple Plan (Français)

Lisez la description du groupe:

Simple Plan est un groupe de musique pop punk de Montréal au Québec, créé en 1999.
Le groupe est composé de cinq musiciens québécois, le groupe n'a pas changé de membre depuis sa création en 1999. Les membres sont :
  • Pierre Bouvier : Chant, guitare, piano
  • Sébastien Lefebvre : Guitare rythmique, chœurs,
  • Jeff Stinco : Guitare solo
  • David Desrosiers : Basse, bamboula, chœurs,
  • Chuck Comeau : Batterie

Écoutez le clip et répondez aux questions de compréhension suivantes:


1. Simple plan is:

a) French (from France)           b) from Northern Ontario               c) French-Canadian

2.  What are three different ways to say Hello in French?

______________                        __________________                         _______________

3.  What are the names of the members of Simple Plan in this video clip?

__________________                    ____________________             _________________

4. Que faites-vous dans la vie? means.....

a)  What do you like to do?    b) What do you do for a living?  c) What instrument to do you play?

5. Which member plays le bamboula? (Le bamboula is a type of drum).


6.  Lancer can mean “to throw” but in this case lancer means:

a)  to release albums                            b) to record albums               c) to sell albums

7.  What countries are they touring in Europe?

______________      ________________        ____________              _____________

______________      ________________        ____________              _____________

8. Who is asking the questions?    


9. Why do you think the band recorded this Youtube French Lesson clip?


10. Do you think being bilingual  (knowing two languages) helps the band?


Feb 13. 2012

After more than a decade of pumping out pop-punk hits, Montreal’s Simple Plan only recently felt comfortable enough to release a French version of one of their songs.
The fivesome actually recorded Jet Lag in Canada’s two official languages, Mandarin and Indonesian. For each version, the Simple Ones recruited a different female singer — such as Britain’s Natasha Bedingfield, Quebec songstress Marie-Mai, Chinese vocalist Kelly Cha, and Indonesian pop-rocker Tantri, who fronts a band known as KOTAK.
The French version, which features Simple Plan’s Pierre Bouvier and Marie-Mai trading lyrics in English et en français, recently earned the band an NRJ Award in Cannes, France — for Best francophone Band/Duo — proving the guys should really take more advantage of their bilingualism.
“I know we’re all French, we all speak French, but to actually sing a song in French is a whole different thing and we were all a bit nervous about it and not so sure how it would be received,” says drummer Chuck Comeau. “It ended up being the biggest song we ever had in France and Quebec … and then, to win the award … it was really cool. I think it shows that when you take a risk, most of the time you’re right to actually do it. It makes something more special.”
(Having said that, he’s not sure if the band will release more songs in French — or non-English languages — though he’s open to the idea. “Maybe,” he says. “Why not?”)
Simple Plan performs Tuesday, Feb. 14 at Rexall Place with Marianas Trench, All Time Low and These Kids Wear Crowns. Tickets are $29.50 and $45.50, or four for $88, plus service charges  at Ticketmaster. Click here to read more about the band’s special projects.

Watch the English/French music video version of Jet Lag below.