Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Comment ça va? - des chansons/vidéos, lesson ideas

I introduce the question Comment ça va? to my primary student by singing a simply song with actions. 

Tune: Adams Family theme song:

Comment  ça va? hunch shoulders like you don't know the answer (clap, clap) x2
 ça va bien thumbs up ça va mal  thumbs down, comme ci comme ca  thumbs up and down (clap, clap)


I then show students various pictures of children who have different expressions on their faces and I ask Comment  ça va? And they have to answer referring to the picture. Next I may have students mime an expression and the other students guess. I may also give them three blank circles - one for each expression that they can draw and label.

Asking Comment  ça va? will become a part of our daily routine where students will ask one another. 

If you have a panda stuffed toy or puppet you can bring it in. A student holds the toy/puppet and the other children ask Comment ça va petit panda? and the child holding it can act something or answer. It's fun because it rhymes. You could also show three pictures of three pandas with the three expressions (thanks to google images I'll load them here). You can display them in the class. All the students ask in unison  Comment ça va petit panda? and one student chooses and points one and says the expression.

Below are some songs to reinforce asking and answering Comment ça va? My students love the song by Alexandre as much in June as they did in September! La la la la la la!

1. Chanson par : Juli Powers  (CD $18 - order from her website - she's from Thorold, Ontario and will ship it to you!)

You can Download all the lyrics of all Juli's songs here.

PPT par: Sylvia Duckworth

2. Chanson par: Alexandre

PPT par: Sylvia Duckworth

3. Alain le lait
4. Basho and friends