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I am a Core French Teacher teaching with the Limestone DSB. I teach primary, junior and intermediate students at Southview Public School in Napanee, Ontario Canada. 
I hold a B.A Honours from Trent University, a B.Ed from Queen's University and an M.Ed from Queen's University. You can read my Master's Project: INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD TECHNOLOGY: PERSPECTIVES AND ATTITUDES OF FSL TEACHERS here . 
I am interested in technology use for second language learning and teaching specifically SMARTboard use and iPads in the second language classroom. 
I am interested in learning and collaborating with other teachers in person, online, via facebook, twitter and this blog. 
As of September 2012 I have begun to aligned my programing with the CEFR and teach by way of authentic tasks based on the interest of the students. Authentic tasks in Core French have great value and meaning to students outside of the classroom. They are motivating and engaging.
My classroom conditions support students in learning by way of authentic tasks. Authentic Tasks are aligned with Learning Goals for Student Success. As a Core French teacher, I scaffold and model language instruction. A social climate has been created during French language learning time that supports students in working together productively and encourages them to take risks and try new things! When students are working in an authentic situation to complete an authentic task I am able to provide authentic assessment of learning that is integrated within the tasks and reflective of the Learning Goals.

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