Thank you for your continued interest and support in your child`s French as a Second Language learning!

Visit this blog often with your children so they can show off what they have been learning in class! 

Your child can be your French Teacher! 

Here are some useful links below:

  1. Canadian Parents for French – Nova Scotia  

  2. Canadian Parents For French (Ontario)

    Why is learning French important?

    It boosts your child's brain!
    Research shows that learning a second or third language helps cognitive capacity by improving brain development, listening skills, and abstract thinking.
    It is a Canadian language; it is a global language!
    One in four Canadians speaks French and French is the official language in more than 35 countries around the world.
    More job opportunities!
    There is a huge demand for bilingual and multilingual staff in every sector of Canada's economy – from medicine and engineering to technology, teaching, and government. A working knowledge of French also makes available job opportunities around the world.
    More post-secondary and extracurricular choices!
    With French your child's university options broaden and more scholarships and bursaries are available. Also, your child can take advantage of many cultural and employment exchanges both in Canada and abroad. French is a key to a more exciting and lucrative future!

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